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Car Services 




Bondi Mechanical can fit all tyre sizes for all makes and models

Log Book Services

Keeping up with scheduled maintenance adds life to your investment. It also protects your new car warranty. New Car…


Car brakes repair Brakes are essential to the safety of your driving, if they fail it may lead to…

Air Conditioning

Don’t wait for a hot day, make sure your Air Con System is in top working order. There’s nothing…

Wheel Alignment

If your wheels are not aligned correctly you may experience: uneven or rapid tyre wear, drifting away from a…

Tune Ups

Your car’s engine is made up of hundreds of complex components working together to ensure that your vehicle starts…

Timing Belts

If your timing belt breaks, your engine will stop working, stranding you wherever you may be. Even worse, it…

Rego Check

Is your registration due for renewal or already expired? Driving an unregistered vehicle is a serious offence that can…


Your clutch enables you to connect and control the power of the engine to your gearbox – and then…

Motorbike Services